MOSAIC HOUSEWARE is an ISO: 9001 certified company, completely focussed on delivering the best quality and services to our customers at all times. We don’t sell steel – we build relationships.


Mosaic' is an art form, which places together pieces of material to create a unified whole.’ Mosaic houseware bring to your home a delightful mosaic of designs in stainless steel –a beautiful play of form and functionality, our range of products are sure to light up your kitchen, table, bar and bathroom. Our products are not limited to indoors – our range will brighten up your garden and offer you the ambience you need to relax and enjoy tea or fun time with your friends and family. Mosaic is one of the largest distributors of houseware products to Europe, US, South America, and Asia. In a bid to conquer new markets, the company is now making its presence felt in other emerging markets through trade shows and other marketing and communications channels. The company has a strong presence in the domestic market, with its products widely showcased in select retail stores across India.